The Restaurant


The history of food in Bombay or Mumbai is closely linked to the growth of this city from fishing village to megapolis. As wave after wave of immigrants from all over the country came with dreams of gold in their eyes, they brought their culinary treasures with them and no exception were the chinese immigrants who came from the chinatown in Kolkata.

Also known as ‘hakka people’ they came to India from the chinese province of canton, and created a cuisine combining traditional chinese cooking techniques with the intriguing spices of India, and today few eating places big or small dare exist unless it also serves “indo chinese food”

At Bombay Chow we want to offer you an authentic selection of dishes and specialities of the indo chinese cuisine that we all love , and cater dishes that have attained a cult status like ‘the manchow soup’ ‘chicken lollipop’ ‘manchurian’ ‘hakka noodles’ and many more.

So come join us and enjoy fusion food like never before Bombay ishtyle!